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Save Data & Storage Space

Save Data & Storage Space

Save Time

Save Time

Save Money

Save Money

Online ordering

Online Ordering
Made Easy

Ordrix is an “All in One” online ordering app that acts as a marketplace for services and products offered by various online ordering and shopping apps. Ordrix partners with various online ordering and shopping apps, consolidating all their services, products, coupons, deals and promotions on one platform, making it convenient for users to access, browse and order these services and products without having to install and maintain individual apps on their phones.

Without Ordrix

Without Ordrix
  • Too many apps to install and register on, just to see what value they provide

  • More apps consume more data and storage space.

  • Time spent going through all your apps to find the most efficient option.

  • Relying on one app for its service, you are most likely missing out on the most cost effective option.

With Ordrix

With Ordrix
  • With Ordrix, user can see the value online ordering apps provide without installing and registering

  • With Ordrix, you do not have to download multiple apps. You therefore end up saving a lot of storage space and an estimated 400mb of data.

  • With services of all your favorite apps on Ordrix, this app saves you the effort and time spent on going through numerous apps to check for the best option

  • With all your favorite apps and their respective deals/offers on Ordrix, Ordrix provides you the most cost effective option

How It Works?

  • User registers on Ordrix
  • User searches for products and/or services of apps they wish to place an order with.
  • User places an order without installing the app.
How it works

Apps on Ordrix

Why Should Apps Integrate With Ordrix?


App Churn Rate of 80-90%: There are many apps in the market offering a variety of products and services. Various studies have shown that users tend to delete an estimated 80-90% of these apps after downloading them. This raises a challenge for apps to reach out to users with new deals and features they have to offer. 

Increase in Awareness: Being on the same platform as other apps increases the awareness of apps and their services exponentially.

By integrating with the apps in the market, Ordrix helps promote their services on its platform and increase the awareness of these apps and their respective services.


  • Q. Is Ordrix available on Android and iOS?

    Currently Ordrix is available only on Android. iOS will be launched in 2018.

  • Q. Is Ordrix free to download?

    Yes, Ordrix is absolutely free to download.

  • Q. Do I have to pay additional fee to Ordrix for services ordered through the app?

    Ordrix acts as a liaison between the customers and the companies that sell their products/services. Ordrix does not charge any additional fee to users for ordering services through its app. The only fee charged will be by the company that sells the service/products.

  • Q. Do I have to download the respective apps to order their services/products through Ordrix?

    Customers need not download the respective apps to access and order their services/products through Ordrix. However, if the user does not have an account with the company selling the service or product, a one time registration with that company will be required through Ordrix before an order is placed.

  • Q. Do I have to store my credit card information with Ordrix?


  • Q. How do I report Issues?

    Ordrix acts as a liaison between the customers and the companies that offer their services and products.
    If you face the list of issues mentioned below, please reach out to Ordrix at “Contact Us”

    • Registration with Ordrix
    • Using the Ordrix app to browse and place orders.

    If you face the list of issues mentioned below, please contact the Help Centers of companies offering their services/products.

    • If you have issue with the service offered or product delivered.
    • If you do not receive the service or the product you placed an order for

    Any other questions, please reach out to Ordrix and we will try our best to resolve the issue immediately or provide the best course of action.

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