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Why Ordrix is Different


Apps today are like brick and mortar stores before the “Mall Culture” decades ago, competing against each other for customer acquisition. There is an app today for almost every service one can imagine. While this rise in entrepreneurship and startup culture is great, these apps are up against it. Here’s why:

  • Struggling to reach the audience: Recently at a startup conference, I asked people if they knew about an app they can use to talk to a doctor from the comforts of their home? 7 out of 10 people I asked, said Really?, 2 said yes, they did hear about such apps but do not remember the names. 1 said yes, but she hasn’t installed.
  • Many good apps but limited storage space: Finding storage space on your phone for a new app is like finding a plot of land in Manhattan. Just like an old structure is brought down to build a new high rise in Manhattan, an app must be deleted to add a new app. Only for you to delete it when you realize you do not need it as often as you thought you would. Making space for another app. The cycle goes on.
  • Data: Apps today are not only competing for the audience’s attention, but also for the storage space on their phone and data, which is another reason why consumers shy away from installing new cool app with a different service to offer. Not everyone can afford unlimited data plans.
  • Just not interested: The whole process of installing an app and registering for it just to see what services they provide and then having to delete it because you did not like it or you won’t use often. Did I mention the continuous email promotions and notifications from all those apps?

Here is an example that encapsulates the issues stated above: Apps to rent scooters to travel within cities like New York, San Francisco, etc are great. But people who are travelling back from these cities to their home towns, are most likely going to delete these apps as they don’t have the services of these apps in their home towns or they may not even bother using such apps for precisely that reason.

This is what is called an app churn, which happens to 80-90% of apps.

So what makes Ordrix different? 

Ordrix in many ways has the same effect on its partner apps and users, as a mall does on brick and mortar stores and their customers.

Benefits to Partner Apps

As the great ancient Greek storyteller Aesop once said: “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Stores in malls are estimated to have 300% increase in customer traffic compared to stand alone stores. They say, best way to be famous is by sharing platform with someone that is more famous than you. Imagine the effect on a small store, next to a big brand in a mall. It gets noticed. Doesn’t it? Even if you decide not to buy from it at that moment, you are curious to see what this new store is all about.

Like a Mall, Ordrix, brings services and products offered by various apps on one platform. Ordrix provides a platform where apps can offer their services and products next to each other and can feed off of each other. A user may not have heard of a certain app providing its services on Ordrix, but it does get noticed when users are on Ordrix to order something from a bigger brand.

Benefits to Users:

Mall provides convenience to users. Imagine shopping decades ago before the “Mall culture”. You had to drive from one store to another. With the Malls, now you have everything and more all under one roof. A “ONE STOP SHOP” literally.

For Ordrix, convenience is key. Ordrix, ensures a seamless browsing experience for its users as they can view and also order services and products offered by various apps without installing them. Users can order car rides, check out food delivery options, shop online from different retailers, order meal kit deliveries, check out Groupons, order alcohol, groceries and flowers and much more from one app. Users can also access coupons, promotions and deals offered by these various apps on Ordrix.

In short, Ordrix does not come up with any new service of its own to compete with its partner apps. What makes it different is that it collaborates and consolidates all these apps and their services on its platform making it convenient for users to access them and in the process build awareness around its partner apps.

Signing off with this quote

“During the apple season, when everyone around you sells apples, you sell apple pies” – Anonymous

Neil Tadkodkar

Founder/CEO, Ordrix Technologies LLC

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The Ordrix Moment!!




“What made you start Ordrix?” would easily top ” How are you?” as the question that was put to me the most over the last 2 weeks since I officially launched Ordrix. We all know that every Founder of a Startup is driven by an idea. And that idea is what sets him off on a journey to turning it into a reality. Mine was no different.


This goes two years back, when I was with my wife traveling from Jaipur to New Delhi in India. We landed in New Delhi at around 9:30 PM and like any other app crazy millennial, I immediately ordered an Uber instead of a local cab to take me to a suburb called Gurugram which is about 30-40 mins drive from the Airport. My Uber was on its way to pick us up and we walked out of the airport to get my Uber. By the way did I mention it was 32F/0C outside? There I am standing on the pavement with my wife in 32F/0C temperature waiting for my Uber, only for the Uber driver, who, after making us wait for 15 mins in the freezing cold declines the ride once he finds out the destination and tells me to get another ride. On another day or night, I would have, but on this freezing night, that was the only Uber available. Me and my wife were left stranded in the freezing cold. We then decided to take a local cab to our destination and ended up paying 10 times more compared to what we would have with an Uber. We later found out that we should have ordered an Ola Cab (An Indian Uber pretty much). Like we know what rides and services are available locally wherever we go. Right? Not to mention, download another app and register only to delete it in a day or two.


That helpless feeling and frustration though, from the night, lived with me for a long time. I so wished for a platform or an app that gives me options of services offered by various apps based on my location and not make me dependent on one app for the most part. Once I was back to US, I spent lot of time searching for such apps. There had to be something like that out there, Right? Well, fortunately for me, there wasn’t. That right there was the “AHA” moment.


Before today, I never put my thoughts into words in the form of a blog but damn right it felt great to revisit the night that led me to build out an amazing product beneficial to all the app crazy people out there.

Before I conclude, I just want to let you know that I will be writing my next blog in few days on my Journey (From Concept to Reality)

In the meantime, please feel free to like and share my blog and most importantly download Ordrix. And obviously, spread the word 🙂

Note: Ordrix is currently available on Google Playstore and is coming soon on iOS


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Thank You,

Neil Tadkodkar, Founder/CEO, Ordrix